How Far Would You Walk At Night? Towards Anonymous Stateless Immigrants Pavilion

How Far Would You Walk At Night?

A new summer of migration season will start soon. Last year more than 3,000 died. This year more than 1,500 have already perished. A 50-fold increase in deaths so far this year. This is while the art world is about to celebrate the opening of Venice Biennale, the oldest cultural canon that praises nationalism through art. Similar to other editions, none of the prominent nations will mention anything about the toxic immigration topic. The extreme nation related format of presenting arts in Venice biennale makes us suspicious about the anti-immigration agenda of the art world. It makes us wonder if it is our silence, ignorance and odium towards the newcomers that makes the mediterranean sea a mass grave.

How far would you walk at night with fear of violence seeking a shelter? With this question in mind, I’ll be performing a walk in Venice on the early morning of 5th of May following the Anonymous Stateless Immigrants Pavilion signs, making a detour from the prominent art route to find this new pavilion.

Contact: Statelessimmigrantsavilion(at)riseup(dot)net

New Pavilion in Venice Biënnale, Anonymus Stateless Immigrants Pavilion image

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