Statement to police on our intervention in Warsaw Uprising Museum & Frontex

We got invites to go to Komenda policji (police office) on 4th of October, all 5 Polish participants of the actions. Ehsan Fardjadniya and Dorian Batycka were not invited, and it’s highly unlikely they will be.

In the text below, we like to make our artists statement public in regards to our intervention in Warsaw Uprising Museum and Frontex headquarter in Warsaw.

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A contemporary version of Warsaw Uprising 1944 pamphlet is ‘Refugee Uprising Manifesto 2016’. We will place this tomorrow at the heroic, nationalistic and military Museum of the Warsaw Uprising. There will be more interventions planed in the museum as well as in fornt of Frontex (Agency of European border control), ironically situated few meters away from the museum.